Start Playing with ku4collections!

It’s insanely simple to start playing with ku4collections, a NoSQL data store for your font-end code. Complete with query capabilities, including: find, insert, update, remove and even join!


  1. Grab the latest ku4js-data from Github.
  2. Open the playground.htm file in your favorite browser. (/docs/playground.htm).
  3. Start your console window.
  4. Get dirty!

You can just horse around if you like, or you could open a kodmunki™ post and start to follow along!

In fact, here are a couple to start with:

  1. How about a NoSQL database for your front-end?!
  2. More Power for Your ku4collections!

No matter what you decide, make sure to have fun! :{)}


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One comment on “Start Playing with ku4collections!
  1. […] Start Playing with ku4collections! […]

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