How To Create Custom iOS Frameworks

Finding a means to create custom iOS frameworks, though not impossible, is not the easiest thing to find on the web. Here is what I did, and the resulting frameworks have been working very well me.

To Create the project

  1. Install iOS-Universal-Framework
  2. Restart Xcode
  3. Create your project
  4. Add a “Run” script to the Unit Test Target and copy and paste the following into the Shell content:
    "${SYSTEM_DEVELOPER_DIR}/Tools/RunUnitTests" 1> /tmp/RunUnitTests.out
  5. In your Build Settings, set Deployment -> Skip Install = YES for both Debug and Release
  6. Update Test Target Build Settings ‘Framework Search Paths’ to include


  7. In your project Target Build Phases, Disable the Second Run Script by adding the following lines to the beginning of the Shell content:
    # Disable this script
    exit 0
  8. In your project Target Build Phases, add a Run Script to the build process:
    rsync --delete -a "${BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR}/${PRODUCT_NAME}.framework" "${PROJECT_FILE_PATH}/../_Artifacts/"

To Install the Custom Framework

  1. Add -ObjC to Target Build Settings -> Linking -> Other Linker Flags
  2. Add -ObjC to Test Target Build Settings -> Linking -> Other Linker Flags
  3. Update Target ‘Framework Search Paths’ to include:


    "$(SRCROOT)/[PathToProduct][PRODUCT NAME*].framework"
  4. Update Test Target ‘Framework Search Paths’ to include:


    "$(SRCROOT)/[PathToProduct][PRODUCT NAME*].framework"
That should do it!
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Thank you for reading, and as always, happy coding :{)}

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2 comments on “How To Create Custom iOS Frameworks
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