ku4js-webApp version 3.0!

A very exciting new release of ku4js-webApp that includes some powerful new features:

  • Includes the updated versions of ku4js-kernel and ku4js-data.
  • Exposes and extended service interface that includes locking and the ability to abort!
  • Includes CORS services with an identical, unchanged services API, simply .cors() it!
  • Includes the navigator API allowing SPAs to be hash tag aware!
  • Includes socket connections via socket.io sharing the same simple service API!
  • Updated testing bundles to support all levels of unit testing including atomic Ajax testing!
  • Same great client-side NoSQL collections now include outer joins with ku4js-data updates!

You can find the release here: https://github.com/kodmunki/ku4js-webApp/releases

And updated documentation here: http://kodmunki.github.io/ku4js-webApp/


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