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Threading… JavaScript?!

Not too long ago, I was at a “nerd conference” where one of the speakers presented Web Workers. The presentation was great! It was certainly well executed. It contained some good information, and, per the applause, it appeared to be well received. At any

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Very Valuable Value Objects!

Value objects are awesome! I love them! If I ever get a chance to use a value object, which is often, I will — every time! And no, I’m not talking about the old school J2EE “Value Object.” I am talking

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JavaScript MVC with ku4webApp

There is no doubt that front-end web has had enormous demands placed on it in recent years. Users expect quick, responsive and powerful front-end web apps that allow them to do things that wouldn’t even be expected from native applications

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A Pithy Post on Power Joins with ku4collections

It’s a fact, you can join collections with ku4collections! If you were unaware of this, you can read more about it in a past article. For those of you that did know this, did you know that there is more than

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Start Playing with ku4collections!

It’s insanely simple to start playing with ku4collections, a NoSQL data store for your font-end code. Complete with query capabilities, including: find, insert, update, remove and even join! Simply: Grab the latest ku4js-data from Github. Open the playground.htm file in your favorite

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More Power for Your ku4collections!

Recently, I posted about the NoSQL front-end storage afforded by ku4js-data. I discussed the awesome power of both storing and querying with this tool. I also shared how to find, insert, remove, update and even join! If you missed it,

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How about a NoSQL database for your front-end?!

In my working on various front-end systems over the years, one thing that I have continually found painful is trying to manage data. Shoving it in some random location, calling the server relentlessly, keeping state where I need not, storing

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