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Your Error Messages Are Losing You Sales

Conversion is key in all aspects of your site. Including error messaging. You can’t afford to neglect it!

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iOS 9 Universal Cocoa Touch Frameworks

Apple® is back at it and has released iOS 9! This is a welcome update packed with some awesome new features. But with this comes a few small changes that require an update to the Universal Cocoa Touch Framework process

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Universal Cocoa Touch Frameworks for iOS8 – (Remix)

Attention: An updated process for iOS 9 has been developed and can be found here: So, it appears that Apple® has changed their App validation process; fat binaries are no longer passing validation, and, per our support inbox, this is a

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ku4js-data v4.0 Released!

Extremely exciting release of ku4js-data has ramped up the already awesome power of this library to immeasurably! v4.0.0 Included in this release: Updated JSON deserialize to disallow function and base64 encoded data. (Known attack vectors prevention effort) Services now supports

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ku4js-webApp version 3.0!

v3.0.0 Released A very exciting new release of ku4js-webApp that includes some powerful new features: Includes the updated versions of ku4js-kernel and ku4js-data. Exposes and extended service interface that includes locking and the ability to abort! Includes CORS services with

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Universal Cocoa Touch Frameworks for iOS 8

!!!!! STOP and Read This First !!!!! We do NOT recommend using these instructions. This post continues to be extremely popular world-wide, and we cannot stress enough that, though it will result in an artifact that will compile and will work in

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Round to the nearest … What?!

You know what is a royal bummer? When the language that you are working with doesn’t support, or, at least, poorly supports, something that you believe it damn well should. Today, let’s look at one of these features in JavaScript: rounding.

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ku4js Library Released!

Attention all who have discovered ku4collections, ku4webApps, and all of the associated ku4* libraries. The libraries have been officially released without jQuery dependencies. These projects will move forward as ku4js-*. You can find all of the updated projects via the

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Recap and Review

A lot has happened over the last couple of weeks, and there is only more to come! Here’s a recap, in case you missed anything. NoSQL for Front-end There were numerous posts on ku4collections, a NoSQL database for front-end. ku4collections introduce

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Developing With HTML5

Developing With HTML5 This is a work in-progress supplemental for an HTML5 class that I have been teaching. The students have found it useful, so maybe you will too! Please, comment on and share this post with others if you enjoy

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