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ku4js Library Released!

Attention all who have discovered ku4collections, ku4webApps, and all of the associated ku4* libraries. The libraries have been officially released without jQuery dependencies. These projects will move forward as ku4js-*. You can find all of the updated projects via the

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A Pithy Post on Power Joins with ku4collections

It’s a fact, you can join collections with ku4collections! If you were unaware of this, you can read more about it in a past article. For those of you that did know this, did you know that there is more than

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Start Playing with ku4collections!

It’s insanely simple to start playing with ku4collections, a NoSQL data store for your font-end code. Complete with query capabilities, including: find, insert, update, remove and even join! Simply: Grab the latest ku4js-data from Github. Open the playground.htm file in your favorite

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More Power for Your ku4collections!

Recently, I posted about the NoSQL front-end storage afforded by ku4js-data. I discussed the awesome power of both storing and querying with this tool. I also shared how to find, insert, remove, update and even join! If you missed it,

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How about a NoSQL database for your front-end?!

In my working on various front-end systems over the years, one thing that I have continually found painful is trying to manage data. Shoving it in some random location, calling the server relentlessly, keeping state where I need not, storing

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